Launched May 7th on Star Plus (Pehla Star Plus in the Middle East and Asia far East) and hosted by Sima Ved, combining the best of her zest for cooking and savvy flair, making her guests feel relaxed and at home, Sima Ved brings you ‘Hi Tea with Sima Ved’.

Sima, who is also the Group Vice Chairperson of Apparel Group, brings genuine warmth and a cheeky charm that results in a wonderful new talk show inviting the viewers to participate as though they were sitting in on an afternoon tea and catch up with Sima and her guests, not to mention learning a recipe or two along the way.

“To give the show even more variety we shot between India, Dubai and Switzerland. The mix of settings and style reflect the sort of guests featured on the show and add an extra touch of interest and intrigue so that people have to tune in to hear the latest news and gossip right from the guests themselves. We also wanted to make it interactive and informative for the viewers and this is where the cooking section comes in as I want people watching to take even more away from the show,” said Sima Ved.

Sima interacts with her audience in a light hearted and easy way, with a questions and answer segement with audience members which adds another interactive element.

‘Hi Tea with Sima Ved’ remains very much a Dubai centric show with the lifestyle and identity of someone who has grown up in the UAE clearly coming though. Sima combines the elements of her cultural heritage with those of her upbringing, and as such is relatable to viewers from this region and beyond. Sima’s interviews provide the viewer with insights into the daily life, struggles, achievements and aspirations of each of her guests; the cooking segment provides a more lighthearted piece and keeps the tempo upbeat as they journey through the cooking process together.


The show has been filmed for one season and will be aired at 8:30 pm Saturdays on Star Plus, and will be repeated on Star Plus Middle East. The Star Plus Channel has been India’s leading channel for 11 years with an average of 50 million viewers each week, and regularly features in the top 35 programs listings.