Archive: May, 2011

Hi-Tea with Sima Ved, Episode 4 – Anupam Kher

In academic schools, if learning begins with ‘A’ and ends with ‘Z’, in acting schools, it begins with ‘A’ and ends with a ‘K’. And why not? His is a name that resonates success, positivity and poise. Indeed, Anupam Kher is nothing but confidence personified. A typical Piscean with a large imagination and a magnetic [...]

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Hi-Tea with Sima Ved, Episode 3 – Boman Irani

For a boy who was marked off as reticent by his school teachers, Boman Irani has come a long way in the entertainment industry. He didn’t have the best of everything but he made good with whatever life gave him. He paid attention when life was throwing a hint at him. He always loved the [...]

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Hi-Tea with Sima Ved, Episode 2 – Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Qawwali, the mystical music of Indian and Pakistani Sufism, is rooted in song forms that are over 700 years old. They are devotional songs that are intended to affect heightened spirituality through ritualised listening known as Sama. The transcendent nature of the poetic lyrics, in combination with a vivacious musical base and the participatory act [...]

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